Registration is now online with our new Sport Savvy Program register below for the 2019 season:

  1. Online Registration with SportSavvy. Note: If you don’t have a SportSavvy account, you will need to create one to register with Chilliwack Minor Fastpitch.
  2. All minor athletes AND volunteer coach’s MUST register with Softball BC online for insurance purposes. This is a one time only registration. Please register @ . Your softball bc insurance # is required before registering with CMFA 2019 season.
  3. Register online until March 1, 2019!
  4. **if you experience problems registering please go to our “contact us” page and email us immediately**
  5. For cheque transactions, please make arrangements via “contact us”   Mailing address is: Box 2392 Sardis Stn. Main, Chilliwack, B.C. V2R 1A7
  • Teams are arranged by school catchment areas

  • Week night games – No weekend games (except tournaments)

  • Up to 20 games between April and June

  • League provides uniforms and equipment (Players to provide their own helmet and glove)

  • Players receive a custom ball cap and team photo at no additional cost

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INFORMED CONSENT AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT(To be executed by Participants under the age of 19)

WARNING! Please read carefully

  1. 1. This is a binding legal agreement; therefore, clarify any questions or concerns. As a Participant in the sport of softball and the orientation, instruction, activities, programs, and services Softball BC (collectively the “Activities”), the undersigned, being the Participant and the Participant’s Parent/Guardian (collectively the “Parties”), acknowledge and agree to the following terms:
  2. Description of Risks
  3. 2. The Parties understand and acknowledge that:
  1. a) The Activities have foreseeable and unforeseeable inherent risks, hazards and dangers that no amount of care, caution or expertise can eliminate, including without limitation, the potential for serious bodily injury, permanent disability, paralysis and loss of life; and
  2. b) Softball BC has a difficult task to ensure safety and it is not infallib Softball BC may be unaware of the Participant’s fitness or abilities, may give incomplete warnings or instructions, may misjudge weather or environmental conditions, and the equipment being used might malfunction.
  1. 3. The Participant is participating voluntarily in the Activities. In consideration of that participation, the Parties hereby acknowledge that they are aware of the risks, dangers and hazards and may be exposed to such risks, dangers and hazards. The risks, dangers and hazards include, but are not limited to:
  2. a) Executing strenuous and demanding physical techniques;
  3. b) Vigorous physical exertion, strenuous cardiovascular workouts and rapid movements;
  4. c) Exerting and stretching various muscle groups;
  5. d) The failure to properly use  any piece of equipment or from the  mechanical failure of any piece of equipment;
  6. e) Spinal cord injuries which may render the Participant permanently paralyzed;
  7. f) Serious  injury  to  virtually  all  bones,  joints,  ligaments,  muscles,  tendons  and  other  aspects  of  the

Participant’s body or to the Participant’s general health and well-being;

  1. g) Abrasions, sprains, strains, fractures, or dislocations;
  2. h) Concussion or other head injuries, including but not limited to, closed head injury or blunt head trauma;
  3. i) Physical contact with other participants, spectators, equipment, and hazards;
  4. j) Not wearing appropriate safety or protective equipment, such a helmet;
  5. k) Failure to act safely or within the Participant’s ability or within designated areas;
  6. l) Grass, turf, and other surfaces including bacterial infections and rashes;
  7. m) Collisions with fences, poles, stands, and softball equipment;
  8. n) Negligence of other persons, including other spectators, participants, or employees;
  9. o) Weather conditions; and
  10. p) Travel to and from competitive events and associated non-competitive events which are an integral part of

Softball BC’s Activities


  1. 4. In consideration of Softball BC allowing the Participant to participate in the Activities, the Parties agree:
  2. a) That the Participant’s mental and physical condition is appropriate to participate in the Activities;
  3. b) To comply with the rules and regulations for participation in the Activities;
  4. c) To comply with the rules of the facility or equipment;
    1. 5. In consideration of Softball BC allowing the Participant to participate, the Parties agree:
    2. a) That the Parties are not relying on any oral or written statements made by Softball BC or their agents, whether in brochure or advertisement or in individual conversations, to agree to be involved in the Activities; and
    3. b) That Softball BC is not responsible or liable for any damage to the Participant’s vehicle, property, or
    4. d) That if the Participant observes an unusual significant hazard or risk, the Participant will remove themselves from participation and bring such to the attention of a Softball BC representative immediately;
      1. e) The risks associated with the Activities are increased when the Participant is impaired and the Participant agrees not to participate if impaired in any way;
      2. f) That it is their sole responsibility to assess whether any Activities are too difficult for the Participan By the Participant commencing an Activity, they acknowledge and accept the suitability and conditions of the Activity; and
      3. g) That they are responsible for the choice of the Participant’s protective equipment and the secure fitting of the protective equipment that may occur as a result of the Activities.General
    1. 6. The Parties agree that in the event that they file a lawsuit against Softball BC, they agree to do so solely in the

    province of British Columbia, Canada and they further agree that the substantive law of British Columbia will apply without regard to conflict of law rules.


    1. 7. The Parties expressly agree that this Agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by law and that if any of its provisions are held to be invalid, the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effec
      1. 2. Furthermore, I grant permission to Softball BC to photograph and/or record the Participant’s image and/or voice on still or motion picture film and/or audio tape, and to use this material to promote the sport and/or Softball BC through the media of newsletters, websites, television, film, radio, print and/or display form. I understand that I waive any claim to remuneratio n for use of audio/visual materials used for these purpose
      2. 1. I, authorize Softball BC to collect and use personal information about the Participant for the purpose of receiving communications and the purposes described in Softball BC’s Privacy Policy.Acknowledgement
          1. 8. The Parties acknowledge that they have read this agreement and understand it, that they have executed this

          agreement voluntarily, and that this Agreement is to be binding upon themselves, their heirs, their spouses, parents, guardians, next of kin, executors, administrators and legal or personal representatives.



      1. 3. I understand that I may withdraw such consent at any time by contacting Softball BC’s Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer will

      advise the implications of such withdrawal.