Interlock Rules 2019

District 8 Fraser Valley Interlock Rules  2019

Standing rules

These rules apply to the teams playing in the district 8 house league interlock. These rules over rule the B.C.A.S.A. rules, which in turn overrule the current Softball Canada Rule Book, in cases where there is a conflict.

Remember we are in this district interlock to be fair and honest to the players on both teams. Fair play is considered an important component of this league

For the 2016 Season the Fraser Valley league which includes Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley and North Langley Associations on a one year trial will cooperate with accepting these new adopted rules.

Fair Play Rule: For all Divisions – All players will be given the opportunity to play multiple positions throughout the season. All players are to play no less than 2 innings in the infield and no one player can play more than 3 consecutive innings in the same position with the exception of U19 Pitchers. Any variations to this rule must be submitted in writing the player and the player’s parents to their home Association Executive for approval. (No player shall sit more than 2 innings in a 6 inning game) Please review attached chart for specific changes to your division.

  • U16 and U14 Pitchers can only pitch a total of 3 innings in 6 innings. Alternate pitchers must be used to complete the other 3 innings. Any pitcher may be used in the 7th inning. Teams unable from time to time able to comply at game time must at the plate conference discuss their situation with the opposing team and discuss how the game will proceed.
  • U12  Pitchers can only pitch a total of 2 innings then an alternate pitcher must be used.
  • 1 pitch constitutes an inning pitched.
  • All teams are required to keep game sheets on player positioning. At the request of their home association they are required to produce them for review. Teams that are not complying with the Fair Play Rule are subject to a Protest.
  • Composite bats are allowed to be used in all Divisions.
  • Sick and Injured players will be noted with team’s coaches, scorekeeper and the plate umpire of the players circumstances and to be noted in the score books.
  • All violations are subject to disciplinary action.
  • The Fair Play Rule and Composite bat rules applies to all league and playoff games only. All other tournaments ( Districts, Regionals, Provincials and Invitational) will adhere to their tournament rules and or SBBC.


Home Team is responsible for:

  1. Supplying games balls. You must provide a new or almost new game ball for each home game.
  2. Diamonds need to be marked out 15 minutes before game time. Fields to be marked out as per Softball B.C and Softball Canada.
  3. Provide a plate and base umpire for each game.
  4. Home team is to provide traveling teams game cancellations 2 hours prior to start times. A Direct call to the Head coach is required. Teams not receiving a cancellation call are required to play their games as scheduled. Make up games are be rescheduled between teams if at all possible.
  5. Home teams are subject to their Associations procedures regarding rescheduling and cancellations.


General rules

  1. All league games have “Park start and End times”. Please adhere to these times. The plate conference will clarify any time restrictions.
  1. The league allows a 15 minute grace period. If the second team does not show up within this 15minute time period or refuses to start the game, then the game is forfeited to the non-offending team. Minimum of 8 players are needed to play.
  2. There will be a 4 run maximum per inning allowed for innings 1st though 6th, with 7th will be open – no run limit.
  1. a) Mercy rule = 15 runs after 5 innings
  2. b) The team that is losing by a mercy has the option of  continuing the game
  3. Ground rules or special rules establishing the limits of the playing field because obstacles that may hinder the game or for safety reasons will be establish between the umpires and both coaches at the home plate conference.
  4. If a game is called because of rain or darkness, the score shall be reverted back to the last completed inning if the home team is unable to complete their batted inning. The minimum number of completed innings or time played to constitute a legal game would be (4) innings or one (1) hour of playing time.
  5. Case of injury only. The batter must safely reach first base when the play has stopped. The player farthest away in the batting order will be used as a courtesy run with the permission of the home plate umpire.
  6. All diamonds and surrounding area must be left clean after game.
  7. No Liquor is allowed on or around the playing field for spectators, players and Coaches.
  8. No Smoking is allowed in and around the playing areas.
  9. Ejections are subject to their own Association’s procedures.
  10. All other rules are per Softball Canada and Softball B.C, No protests, Umpire’s decision is final.
  11. Jewellery is allowed to be worn at the responsibility of the Player wearing it.
  12. Pick ups from a lower division is allowed in the case of not being able to field a team in league play. These pick ups can play unlimited amount of games.  The player may remain on her substantive team roster.